Si3D Ultra Bundle Kits 30ml & 50ml

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Nanolex Si3DHD bundle pack.
A full comprehensive ceramic coating package for ultimate protection.
  • Si3D BC 
  • Si3D 
  • EX Pre-coat spray - 200ml
  • SiFinish Spray - 200ml
  • Nanolex branded Lotus microfibre towel x 3
  • Suede Applicator Cloths x 10
  • Foam Applicator Block
  • Nitrile Gloves x 2
  • Instruction Manual

Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which in turn provides excellent corrosion protection with easy-to-clean-properties. Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint to up to 9H+, adding a clear coat with a color-darkening effect to the treated surface. Depending on the number of applied layers of Si3D, the thickness of the coating can vary. The coating thickness, combined with the sophisticated structural nature of the Si3D matrix, make the coatings resistant to abrasion caused by frequent washing and also unaffected by most chemical substances.

Nanolex Si3D BC (Base Coat) is a semi-hydrophobic coating with all the benefits of modern paint sealants, but with added durability and hardness. It is the perfect start to a multi-layer approach to coating paintwork for unbeatable protection. Multiple layers of Si3D BC can be applied prior to applying a top coat.

Si3D BC forms strong chemical bonds with the paint lacquer to deliver durability of between 3 and 5 years. Slow evaporating solvents are just one of the secrets to Si3D BS's ease of application making it ideal for busy professionals or keen car care enthusiasts to apply at home. This also makes it suitable for use on fresh or sensitive lacquers.