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By using our expertise, development techniques and innovative raw materials, Nanolex Car Care expands its unmatched and uncompromised protection system with a new coating, the Nanolex Si3D BC.

This semi - hydrophobic coating incorporates all benefits that come along with todays glass coatings while topping their performance and durability by its key feature, the flexibility. The coating is very suitable for layering, delivering outstanding finishes.

Hard, amorphous but flexible layers with crosslinked, balanced straight chain structures simultaneously provide the desired flexibility and improved bonding power.

Contrary to conventional, silane based coatings, where volatility decreases the crystal formation during the conversion, Nanolex Si3D BC’s sophisticated formulation delivers solid, strong and extremely dense glass layers which even increase during the curing time.

The used carriers for the glass and ceramic precursors are safe, non aggessive, slow evaporating solvents, guaranteeing compatibility to freshly painted cars and sensitive paints as well as a very easy, unproblematic application of the product.

Product features:
- very hard and scratch resistant, flexible coating
- outstanding durability of 3-5 years
- improved substrate bonding
- trouble free application
- Highly compatible with Si3D and Si3D HD as a top coat